Wealthcreatures motto is to create ,grow, wealth by identifying business which are capable or will be capable of growing or creating wealth in business.

We don’t consider shares or stocks as simply shares for quick bucks rather consider as a tool for participating in business of company and consider  as the partners in their business.

We believe Big bang wealth can be created by medium to long term investments with disciplined approach.

Companies are managed and run by managers and leaders , these managers and leaders are human beings and humans are creatures ,so in companies creatures having good management & leadership skills drives the company makes the wealth for all stakeholders . These WEALTH CREATURES make wealth !!!!!


  1. Iam a retired person and some funds iam park say 30 % .iam very much appricated your recommendation,but my problem is your recommendation comes to email it will be 10 % up pl advise or is it possible to send earlier say 1 hr advance or can you give your mobile no so that i can discuss if your recommendation calls for fees iam ready to discus

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