Deepak Nitrate-Multibagger with Quality This Wealtcreature will be a BOOM in 6-18 Months.


Target: Rs.300, 450, 600.

Deepak Nitrite Limited established in 1970s by Mr. C.K. Mehta,  is an Indian chemical manufacturing company. It enjoys a leading market position in most of its products in the domestic as well as global markets.

A market leader for Inorganic intermediates and NitroToluenes in India .

Among top global players for products like Xylidines, Color intermediates, Cumidines and Oximes .

Strong R&D focus has led to in-house development of new product applications and
understanding customer preferences.

Wide distribution network across the globe with footprints in over 30 countries.

DNL has undertaken a greenfield expansion plan at Dahej through its wholly owned
subsidiary Deepak Phenolics Ltd (DPL ) ,Dahej, Gujarat for manufacturing Phenol and Acetone

In India 80% of Phenols and Acetone is imported from other countries.

Deepak Nitrite is building the plant to meet atleast 60% of od domestic consumption.

Domestic industry of phenolls and acetone is valued at Approx Rs.4000-5000 crores.

A simple calculation what makes this stock a multibagger: 60%*Rs.4000-5000 crores = Rs. 2400-3000 crores.

Existing Turnover For Fy 2016-17= Rs.1365 crore

This Rs.1365 crores is expected to grow by atleast 5-10percent because company is constantly introducing value added products.

Expected Turnover by 2019 =(1365+Growth)+2400= RS.4000 Crores Approx.(Triple turnover)



Bottom line is more interesting : Feedstock required for Acetone and Phenol i.e. cummene will be manufactured in house. 

One can easily say stock has potential to Double, Triple or Quadraple the investors wealth.

Stock can be added on every decline from Rs.180 -170-160-150-140.00.


6 thoughts on “Deepak Nitrate-Multibagger with Quality This Wealtcreature will be a BOOM in 6-18 Months.

  1. Great indepth research …n very interesting story behind the fundamentals…will surely buy in all ur Recommendations….!!!


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