SERIES 2- Smarter Moves & Ultimate End of a story

As Erik Falkenstein says: “In expert tennis, 80% of the points are won, while in amateur tennis, 80% are lost. The same is true for wrestling, chess, and investing: Beginners should focus on avoiding mistakes, experts on making great moves.”

This single one principle can literally dragon fly your portfolio.Many of us dont realize that In early stages of investments many of us are bound to make some or other kind of mistakes ,some loose big some loose small, But there are very few who understand from these small and big mistakes and learn from the experienced and these experience make provides them a ton of wisdom but its unfortunate to say that they don’t  make great and smart moves. Hardly 1-2% investors make these great moves and this is what makes them really great.

Not a single person in the world knows what the market will do in the short run. End of story.

This is a biggest FACT in Investment world .

If a person or a CNBC knows what will be the market then why these guys give the STOP LOSS .

No one in these Universe Knows the 100% truth about market.Markets are very complex.Markets are supreme so never predict in short term if you are true Investors.

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