Series 3 – Money On fire 

Time saving Tip: Instead of trading PENNY stocks , Just light your money on fire.

There is a very beautiful world designed by individual for which one wishes to live having a lavish life with a beautiful car , a furnished home and unlimited wishes.

People to live up to their dreams starts to figure out that stock market is a great option for them to get started and earn huge money. 

These huge money hunger compel them to invest in Penny stocks thinking low valuation,Low prices, and obviously good chance of luck to make quick bucks.They think they can multiply the money 10X,20X,100X in few years because he bought penny stock at dirt cheap valuation and only has potential to go up ,ignoring the fact that “The only cheap valuation of stock is Zero”.

People are in HALLUCINATION about their money working and making them rich with contrast to the fact that : Money invested in Penny stocks works hard & even harder to destroy itself.

These type of mistakes are done by New as well as experienced investors.

1) New investors committing such falls decision is much higher then experienced exceptionals are a few educated professionals.It reminded me of my first penny stock investment “Silverline Technology” a wellknown stock for manipulation.The list goes on.But this time ,never bought a single stock having peeny stock characteristics.

2) It is shocking that even a Experienced investor also indulges in such kind of trading.

The Ultimate Fact is a True investor Looses his hard earned money.

The point is the penny stock consumes all your resources such as time , money everything .

Just understand Time given for Compounding effect in Penny stock is destruction on wealth & Time given for compoundingquality growth stock is creating of wealth 10X, 20X,50X,i.e.multibaggers creation.

It’s better to light and Fire your hard earned money instead investing huge resources.

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Happy Investing!!!!

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