Series 5-Traditional Investment

There are few people who say Gold is the best Asset class for Investment

But Today 

*👉Equity is New Flavour of Decade*

▶Forget Traditional Investment in Gold & Silver…..
👉Last year Around 8th November 2016, there was Demonatization & There was economic slowdown and multiple tv show & Channel showed India in big trouble,Nifty and Sensex corrected .

👉Prices of many consumption lead sector crashed 50% to 75% fall.
👉Smart people who had vision beyond 24 to 36 month they Ignored the noise & Started Accmulating Strong & Fundamental stocks.
👉Few took our recommendation.While other did there own research.
See equity are at much higher levels in just an Year.
👉Certain stocks have given 100% to 1000% Returns in just an Year.
👉Our economy is at inflection point & it is expected to remain in growth trajectory in next few years.
👉As govt is pushing for strong reforms & strong economic parameters.
👉Systematic investing in equity can fetch multibagger even in current scenario.
Indian household has seen massive shift in saving.
👉AUM(Asset under management) by mutual fund are at all time high.
👉Fii are selling & Dii & Fund house are continous buyer these shows confidence in Indian economy.
👉Soon fii would also turn buyer and just imagine where you can see Indian mkts heading.
👉Even if Mkt stays in Range many good stocks can get re rated & can given handsome returns.
*▶Happy equity Investing◀️*

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