Series 6-Rs.10000 to Rs.700+ Crores-The Ultimate


*How an investment of Rs.10000 grew to Rs.700 Crores in 37 years*

*Power of equity*
*Power of long term investing*
*Power of patience*

How 10000 invested became 700 crores in WIPRO

An investment of Rs.10,000 into 100 shares of Wipro in year 1980, held until now as it is without any action is now worth about Rs.576 crores (Google it so you can believe us)

This is a classic example to aspiring investors. If there is downside risk of investment going down to zero, there is upside potential of literally infinity.

Wipro has rewarded it’s shareholders on a very regular basis in the form of bonus, stock splits, dividends. Please go through the below table in order to understand the Wipro journey over years.


1980 Initial Investment =100 (Face Value Rs.100)

1981 1:1 Bonus =200

1985 1:1 Bonus =400

1986 Stock split to FV Rs.10 =4,000

1987 1:1 Bonus =8,000

1989 1:1 Bonus =16,000

1992 1:1 Bonus =32,000

1995 1:1 Bonus =64,000

1997 2:1 Bonus =1,92,000

1999 Stock split to FV Rs.2 =9,60,000

2004 2:1 Bonus =28,80,000

2005 1:1 Bonus =57,60,000

2010 2:3 Bonus =96,00,000

2017 1:1 Bonus =192,00,000

Rs.300/Share × 192,00,000 shares = Rs.576,00,00,000 or about Rs.576 crores.

125,00,00,000 Rs. Dividends earned in 37 Years

So 576 + 125 = 701 Crores

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One thought on “Series 6-Rs.10000 to Rs.700+ Crores-The Ultimate

  1. I m bemuzed,terrific growth,this is the strength of real peaceful investment pls guide us for such great invstmnt opportunities


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