Series 7-Bitcoin – A new Investment Avenue

Please, please ,Please take a note that theres a huge difference between Speculation and Investment.

Bitcoin does not have and intrinsic value or any kind of fundamental value attached to it.Investors investing in Bitcoin Invest in anticipation of getting more money by buying and then selling that some other person will buy at high prices.

Bitcoin does not carry any Fundamental with respect to value they can deliver.

It is a simple tool to Manipulation.

Everyone investing in Bitcoin will Enjoy the Climax and swings it would provide , But remember Investment is a no Joke ,its a serious business.

Our View :

Bitcoin is Speculation .

No matter how far it reaches from $11,000 to $20,000+++ ,It’s a bubble with no Fundamental back up and no regulatory back up.

Bitcoin is a Potential next Big bubble.

If anyone Puts their hard earned money ,Please remember It’s not a investment tool & take your own judgement.

If People Think It has value : “It’s a Joke or Its a Clown of a circus.”

Happy Investing!!

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