Red Metal Becoming Hot-Hindustan Copper Ltd

A “Mini Ratna” Company

CMP: Rs 91.6

Targets – 125/140/175/200

Time Frame -12 to 18 months

👉🏻Company Name: Hindustan Copper<br
onopoly Of copper Mining In India<br
ly Integrated Producer From Copper Mining to Refined Copper.
any Undergoing tremendous Expansion in Mining and Refining Business*
projects initiated for expansion of Mine Production from *3.4 mm tones to 12.2* mm tones at the cost of RS 2700-3000 Cr.
👉🏻All pro
are at Various Stages of Completion.
👉🏻More then
capex for above projects are already funded by internal routes.
👉🏻*Company has
5 Projects for expansion, upgradation, and new mineral developments with estimated cost of RS 3000-3500 cr*

👉🏻💰*Waste to wealt
ct at Malanjkhand to generate Net Income of Rs.60 cr to get commercial production this month i.e December 2017* 💰
👉🏻👆🏻More such Projects t
e up next year.
👉🏻Company to Use Idle facilit
Works at Taloja Facility to Produce Continuous Copper rods & Various ICC Cathodes which is having Production Capacity of 50,000 tons /Year.
👉🏻Phase – 2 Project of 25,000 to
jarat Copper Project (GCP) at Bharuch is to be completed Shortly.
👉🏻👆🏻 Ramping of Existing 25,000 tons
ase -2: 25,000 tons to boost revenues significantly and boost Revenues.
👉🏻Full utilisation of above GCP Project w
e significant effect from Next year (2018-2119)
👉🏻Incidental Mining of Ore from Malanjkhand
o the growing revenues at the end of 2018-2019
👉🏻Strong Copper Prices wil help bottom line and
t expansions which is approximately Rs. 5000 cr
👉🏻 * We Expect revenues of company to Grow from ~R
cr to Rs. 4,000 cr by 2021 on conservative estimate.*
👉🏻 * According to our Calculations we expect company
lock revenues of Rs.1643 cr- Rs. 1893 cr from current Rs.1101.82 Cr.*

👉🏻Happy Investing👈🏻

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