Budget Special 2018

In these Section we will be focusing on Stocks which can be benefited from Budget .

👉Titagarh Wagon: Railway Spending :CMP:170

👉Purvankara : Affordable Housing :CMP:168

👉Nitco: Affordable Housing for all Benefit:CMP:114

👉Murudeshwar Ceramic : Affordable housing for all Benefit :CMP:48

👉Ramky : Infrastructure Spending :CMP:236

👉RCF : Fertilizer :CMP:94

👉Insecticide: Crop Protection :CMP:787

👉Prakash Ind : Industrial & Infra Revival :CMP:171

👉Roto Pump : Industrial revival :CMP:119

👉Aimco : Agro chemical :CMP:220

👉Greenply : Affordable housing :CMP: 339

👉Nandan Denim: CMP:162

Note: All stocks are recommended for short term (1-3 Months) for ~ 10%-30% Upside potential and are selected for Budget SpecialEdition.

Consult your Financial Advisory before taking any position.

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