Gulshan Poly- Topline to Blast

Smallcap Blaster

Stock Name : Gulshan Polyols

CMP: 86.30
👉MCAP Approx 400 Cr
Reserves & Surplus: 250+Crores👉Q2 FY 17 – 1 Major plant came Online
👉Q4 FY 17- 2 nd Major Plant came Online

👉 Current Products Include (Sorbitol, Fructose,Starch and many others.)

👉In some Product lines company is first to manufacture and the only manufacturer in India of High Fructose Rice Syrup.
👉According to our Conversation with management Grain Based Potable Alcohol plant is scheduled to start in January 2018 .
👉Total Opportunity for Next 2-3 Years: 500++ Crores of additional revenues per year.
👉Current Revenues: 450+ Crores
👉Total Opportunity by 2019-2020: 1000+ Crores of Total revenues.
👉Debt to Equity Less then 1.00
👉Capex : 150+ crores Completed.
👉Debt : Less then 150 Crores
👉EBITA : More then 55 Crores
👉Net Cash Flow: 40+ Crores
👉Major Mutal fund holds approx :7%(Reliance Mutal Fund)
👉Foreign Portfolio holds :4 %
👉Retail Investor: Only 20%
👉ROCE: 25%++

We expect company to be in High Growth Orbit for Next 2-3 Years and all the Investment will start to Pay.

Happy Investing!

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