What To do in Highly Heated Markets?

👉Sensex @ 35000 & Nifty @ 10900 all wants to know what’s next 12000 on Nifty or Down back to 10000? <<
's most Difficult to answer in Short Term but in long term we can surely cross 12k/13k/15k on NIFTY.

We @ wealthcreatures feel before big Event Of BUDGET 2018 There would be lots of Stock & Sector Specific Action.<Panic is in Mind Of Investors & Not On charts till we are Trading Above 10700/ 10650. Sector Rotation happening in markets & that can take Nifty to few points more Higher in short term.Be ready for more volatility in coming Days.

👉To be on safer side before big Event Of Budget we feel investor should book some profits & Sit on cash to get better opportunities.There is shift from Midcap to Largecap as valuation of many largecap attractive when compared to Midcaps.

👉Don’t Get Carried away with Markets as they are at All Time High & Valuation not at comfort level in short Term.

👉 Many stocks are Rising , so Don’t get carried away with the Feeling that we are UNDERINVESTED.*

👉Many Investor don’t buy stocks when available cheap they buy when stock gives sharp Run up and aft Sharp Run up stocks corrects little & they blame whenever I buy stock comes Down. So Buy Right Stock at Right Price.

👉All Investors want to sell on Top & Buy at Bottom which is most Difficult.

👉Don’t chase stocks. 👉 Don’t Leverage
EALISTIC & Expect Realistic Returns From Markets.

👉Don’t Worry If Your Stock Don’t Move Very fast or don’t make move with Market.

👉As all Human are Diffrent Same way All Stocks are Diffrent.


p Locking profits as per Your Comfort & Risk Appetite.

Trailing your Stop Loss

👉Investor should wait with patience to Enter Right Stock at Right Price.

👉INVESTING IS LIFE LONG PROCESS.Just Invest For Few yrs 2/4/5/10 and achieve your Goals.

👉If You Chase Growth Of companies Than the price You feel which is costly today would seem cheaper after few months or years ,Take case of Page Inds,MRF,Avenue supermart etc

👉Most Important invest in strong fundamental stocks only to reap best returns in Longterm.


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