Andhra Petro- Our Dark Horse – Ready For Speed Up

First Recommended @ RS.42 on 1st Nov 2017.

Old Link 👇

👉Stock already Up up 82% in just 3 months and we feel the best is yet to come.Revised Target :Rs 120/150+Time Frame – 6 to 18 months. 👉We are revising our Target for Company based on Solid Performance to be posted by company for next Few Quaters.

👉Andhra Petro Produces Oxo – Alcohols.

👉As stated before that Price of Oxo alcohols are firm , with no new capacity additions.

👉The Only manufacturer of Oxo Alcohols in India , It can produce 70,000 MTA(~90% Capacity) compared to ~58000 MTA produced in 16-17 because of Strong Prices.

👉The Strong Prices will only add to the bottom line of company thus boosting earnings Exponentially.

👉We at Wealthcreatures expect company to post 70-80 Cr ii PAT for Full year 2017-2018.

👉At Current MCAP of 671 Cr , We are revising company Target- RS 120/150+

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