👉LTGC – Long Term Capital Gain Tax? LTGC is on Radar from past 2 Budget , Would this time Finance Minister Make LTGC On Equities or not? If Not Market would take it very positive or else can React Negative.

👉Tax Exemption – Tax Exemption limit for individual can be revised from 2.50 Lac to 3.0 Lac & Under 80C can be Also Revised from 1.50 Lac to 2.0 Lac.

👉CORPORATE TAX – There can be Revision on corporate Tax which is currently at 30%.Any cut on this can give positive triggers for markets.

👉SECTORS IN FOCUS – Infrastructure Spending,Rural Housing(Affordable Housing),Irrigation projects,Consumption sectors

❇️Sectors & Stocks to Watch our for – Banking, Insurance, Autos, Education, Chemical , Consumption sector , Leather sector, Gem & Jewellery & Many

👉GDP & Growth Projection – GDP numbers to watch out for ? And What Growth Rate we can expect for 2019 & 2020?

👉Budget can provide Market Direction – Budget would provide Direction to Market on upper side or lower side in short term.

👉STAY CALM – Just think why you invested in Individual Company or sector.just one statement in Budget wont turn future of your Invested Company.Take Decision only after you fully understand its effect on your Invested stock.

👉BUDGET IS AN EVENT – No doubt its BIG EVENT,But aft few weeks,Months it would become an Event & Markets Would again concentrate on valuation & Earning Of Individual companies.

👉MOST Of us wants to know MARKETS moving up Or Down after Budget – 11500 on Nifty or 10500? Most difficult question to Answer ?We are in long term uptrend till we are Trading Above 10700 but below it we can slip more.And Nifty Above 11190 can take us to Higher Levels.

❇️Currently valuation are steep. Midcaps already corrected 10% to 40% can they slide more or can they bounce back only time would tell you.we feel Only Quality Midcap with Earning Visibility & those trading at Resonable valuation should bounce first.

👉Last but not least Markets would concentrate on future growth & Not past .

👉Suggestion to Investors – stay clam, Stick To Quality Stocks ,Invest For Longterm, Dont Buy or sell individual stocks without knowing its effect from Budget .If you don’t understand ,Sometimes it’s better to do Even Nothing.


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