What to buy & When To Buy & How Long To Hold.

👉We recommended Accmulating Quality

Stocks On Dips

👉All our previous Recommend stock has given superb Returns.

👉Keep Accmulating

❇️Rain Inds – 270-310 a Range

❇️Deepak Nitrite – 215-230 Zone

❇️Prakash Inds – 170-190

❇️Gnfc – 395-405

❇️Andhra Petro – 57-59

❇️Nitco – 95- 105

❇️Welspun Entreprise – 145-152

❇️Speciality Restaurant – 125-130

❇️Vikas Eco – 32-35

❇️Setco – 50-55

❇️Himadri speciality chem – 125-140

All above stocks can be Accmulate in sip at cmp & on Futher Dips Fundamentally they are strong & can give good returns in next 12 to 24 months.

👉We @ wealthcreatures feel we would be trading much higher from here in next 24 months & all above stocks would out perform with Earning visibility.

👉Markets can be under pressure in short term.Buy only if you have patience & vision & If you belive in India growth story.

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