What To do in Markets ?- Part 2

👉We told last week That we are in bull market & 5% To 10% correction are part of Markets.

👉We got much needed correction & Now many Of favourite stocks available at attractive valuation.

👉We told to accmulate all High Quality stocks with Earning Visibility in this panic



👉In this kind of markets rebound are also very sharp.we feel those sitting on good profits should keep Locking profits or should trail profits.

👉We feel correction not yet Done. We can see one more round of fall in midcap & Small caps after a sharp rebound.On technical front a close above 10650 can take us back to 10800 and there after a strong close above 10900/ 10980 with volumes can take back us to new highs.We don’t see Nifty & Sensex hitting new high in hurry.Time wise correction can give more strength to the Next Very Big Rally.

👉But even in this kind of markets many quality stocks can outperform not in short run but definitely in long run.

👉Today we give you more 10 stocks to buy on all dips for next 2 to 3 yrs Holding which can give you multibagger returns And Can give you better sleep at night with its strong fundamentals and Growth Visibility.











* Yash Paper

👉Those who have patience would always Win. buying Right Stock at Right Price with patience can give Multibaggers.

👉We would keep updating you whenever situation arise.


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