Yash Paper on Right Track

👉This is our old pick we are Recommending again.

👉First Suggested at 42 Old link 👇


👉Stock has already given 100% Returns from our first recommendation in just 5 months.

👉 Yash Paper

👉Cmp – 80

👉Best Buy For Accmulation – 70- 75 Zone.

👉Target – 120/150+

👉Time Frame -12 To 18 months.

👉Stocks has given fanstatic results.It is giving very consistent performance from last few Qtrs.

👉It’s Brand Chuk is Doing very well and it has innovative products

👉Company is expecting big order from Railway in coming months.

👉we@ wealthcreatures feel that innovative product line up of Yash Paper can keep its margin expanding and profits expanding for next few Qtrs.

👉We feel it’s perfect bet in volatile markets to bet on this stock.We feel Downside is very limited.

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