Vikas WSP – Innovative Products

CMP: Rs 15.40

Best Buy: Rs.13-15.40

👉🏻Vikas wsp was established in 1988 & company is India’s largest Guar Gum powder manufacturer supplying to all major food sector .

👉🏻Vikas Wsp is the main organic Guar Gum producer in India .

👉🏻Guar gum powder is the most preferred thickening and binding ingredient.

👉🏻It is also used in Noodles ,Diet Foods , Ice creams.

👉🏻Guar Gum also has Applications in Shale Gas and Oil Industry.

👉🏻As the Crude oil Price increases shale industry activity increases and thus demand for Guar gum increases.

👉🏻Kosher Products – The kosher and kosher for year round use Guar gum powder produced at vikas is checked and certified by the Indian Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue, as a “Genuine Kosher Products”



👉🏻Vikas Wsp announced that the Company has undertaken capacity enhancement work of the newly developed innovative food grade Thermo Guar 20-25-30 from existing 4200 TPA to 12600 TPA. The work is almost completed

👉🏻The newer products includes Purgative Guar Gum, guar gum for controlling diabetes Type-Z, Guar Protein (complete vegetal protein having all the essential _nine Amino Acids including that of three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) for Athletes. Many other health enhancing natural products based on guar gum like health boosting .

👉It is Interesting to note that the above Guar Gum developed by company has been applied for PATENTS by company.

Vikas WSP Ltd develops ozonised whole wheat flour :-

👉🏻Vikas WSP Ltd has announcement, Development of new ozonised whole wheat flour by employing Swiss technology .

👉🏻It is the First diversification project undertaken by the Company.

👉🏻The company has developed new ozonised whole wheat flour for the domestic market by employing swiss washing technology for the first time in India.

👉🏻Ozonised whole wheat flour is produced by employing mechanical washing with ozonised boiling water to eliminate the effects of all the chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

👉🏻In this way, the wheat flour would be pesticides free and will have microbial purity. The quality of the product would be comparable with that of Organic Wheat Flour.The production is expected to commence approximately in next three months.

👉🏻The projected annual production is 15000 Metric Tons and expected annual turnover would be Rs.60 crore once the production is commenced.

👉🏻The company has developed a new technology for the production of new wheat product, accordingly, the company is expected to file a Patent of ozonised Whole Wheat Flour.

👉🏻Company has Recieved 455 cr ++ of Orders for Newly developed Guar Gum Products in less then 10 months from Reputed Clients across the Globe.

👉🏻Remember this is just the starting for these new products & It has not even completed 1 st year of introduction on new products.

👉🏻This Demonstrates the Confidence of Customers in Vikas WSP Products and it’s Quality.

👉🏻Overall the future outlook of the company seems to be strong.

Key Risk: Guar Gum Prices, Crude Oil Prices.

👉🏻It Should also be noted that Promoter Holds 19.77% stake in company.

👉🏻Allocate your Funds Accordingly keeping Key Risks & Potential in mind

Happy Investing

4 thoughts on “Vikas WSP – Innovative Products

  1. Hii……..please share your views on company recent developments and it’s immediate and future prospects….. Can this management frequently commentary will make stock price to go upto 50 in next one year. If so much confidence in promotors than why so much low share holding and even more reduced.? is preferential share allotment positive or negatively impacts stock price. Wil Equity capital will increase from current to extreme high after conversion of these preferential share into equity shares in near future which will badly impact EPS of company earnings… In view of consideration all said factors will this company stock can achieve target of above 100 in years to come.


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