Vikas Ecotech – Demerger

Cmp – 36

Accmulation zone – 32 to 36.

Initially Recommended @ 21 has already given Super Duper Returns.Stock had high of 48.50 giving almost 129% Returns in just 5 months.

Target – 50/75/100+ ( Combined demerged Value)

TF – 12 to 24 months.

👉Vikas Ecotech is one of the Best Innovative company to manufacture Speciality Chemicals.

Company has a plan to get demerged.

👉Company will focus individually to create a Mega Company of Rs.1000 cr Turnover of each Entity.

👉Vikas Ecotech has already completed a meeting with shareholders & Creditors on 24 Feb 2018 to approve demerger.

👉According to our sources company would get demerged in June or July 2018 in Two companies Vikas Ecotech & Vikas Multicorp Ltd.

We are expecting a very Bright future of company.

👉It is noteworthy that Prince Plastics (Holds more then 10% stake) which is India’s Largest and branded pipe manufacturer.

👉We are Bullish on Vikas Ecotech for next 2 to 3 years.


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