Buy Right Sit Tight To create wealth in Equities in long term.

👉After Super Run up in 2017 Equities continue its Speed & Pace even much faster in Jan 2018.

👉From Jan 2018 Nifty climbed 1000 points in just 28 Trading Session and Hit all time High Of 11171 and after that it corrected 1000 points in just 25 Trading session from Highs.This Rise & Fall was biggest in History.

👉Many Investors are worried now. And thinking to exit from equites.

👉Just think once again? Equity as an Asset class has out performed all Asset class like Gold,Silver, Bonds & Real estate in Long Term.

👉when India’s Growth story is Visible for next 5 to 10 years why investor should be worried about short Term Volatility & Correction.Correction are part of Markets.Markets can’t go up one side or cant correct one way. we see this has healthy correction.

👉We feel Markets are near Bottom and suggest Accmulating Quality stocks for long term.No one can predict exact lows. We feel if 10030 is broken we can slide 4% to 6% more in wroste case scenario.

👉We@ wealthcreatures feel Markets are ignoring all positive news in 2018 as it was ignoring all negative news in 2017.

👉Since Febuary all negative news are flowing in markets like LTCG,US Bond Rate Spike,US Markets Selloff,Rising Crude oil, Weaking of Rupee , PNB & Other banks Scam , Trumps Tariff Enforcement Announcement and many more.

👉We beleive in buying only Quality stocks with Earning & Growth Visibility. Good Bussiness would always make money for Investors.

👉Markets would Test patience of Investors. But good bussiness and good Stocks would create wealth for Investors in medium to long term.

👉The biggest Threat To markets are Bjp not coming in power in 2019 independently and

👉Just think those who bought stocks before 2 to 3 yrs made huge money in markets. just few months back Investors were chasing markets and all stocks were running north. This phase is giving chance to accmulate Rock Solid bussiness with Long Term vision to Mint good money.

👉Markets should settle after March or April & We can see less volatility in markets & Stability from there on.

👉We told in our previous report that this would be time wise correction also.

👉Disclaimer – The views expressed are personal & Always take financial advisor recommendation before investing.

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