Is this Right Time To Buy in Equities? We see Nifty @13000.

👉The God Of Stock Market Rightly said ”Be Fearful when others are Greedy & Be Greedy When others are Fearful”

👉2018 has been Rollercoster Ride Till now.In Jan We saw Nifty & Sensex Touching life High.At that time valuation were stretched No negative news was taken into consideration and after that Midcaps were trapped Nifty was at life High & Midcap & Small caps were bartered Down. Than in feb we saw Nifty correction to 10276 and in March there was pull back & Again Nifty Broke lows of 10276 & made new low around 10148 and closed around 10224 on Friday.We see 9750/9700 on Nifty in wroste case scenario that too only If Nifty breaks Bhaubali Support of 10000.

👉We strongly believe that India’s Fundamental are intact.Correction has given chance to add Good stocks at Resonable valuation. Many good quality Large cap & Midcaps have corrected 30% to 50% . We see value in many mid & small cap at current levels.

👉There is fear among Retail investor that we can go in Bear Markets and that was the reason many people never bought stocks when Markets were giving you chance to accmulate and few of them book loses & Exit the markets. Just think wisely and Ask yourself why we can go in bear market when India is doing well on all front.

👉We@ Wealthcreatures See very limited Downside from current levels. This are the best levels to start Accmulating Quality stocks on all declines.Going Ahead we see Slow & Steady Recovery & Many Of our Recommended stocks can even outperform the markets.We don’t see V Shape Recovery Slow and steady rise once dust settles Markets can try your patience but surely we are going up from current levels in long run.

▶️Why we see Limited Downside & Tide to turn Positive very Soon❓

➡️we don’t see any Risk Of Ressession in India currently and 10% to 15% corrections are Healthy for Matkets.We are still in Mother of all Bull Markets.

➡️India’s Economy & GDP showing signs of Recovery & GDP numbers are Good.

➡️We feel Corporate Numbers should be good for next 4 to 8 Qtrs and Nifty & Sensex Earning wld gradually increase & When compared to FY19 & FY20 they would look Resonable with the kind of Growth story India has for next 5 to 7 Years.

➡️The biggest Tension was from North Korea which has been eased out.

➡️The Banking scam of 20000cr approx would make Banks norms more stricker for Corporate world & Future seems Bright once NPA are write off.PSU banks can be under pressure in medium term. They can give you bounce as they are looking oversold.

➡️Centre Election Are next year and BJP can lead the Race . And even If BJP don’t come in power individually or In wroste case Even If BJP loose we don’t see markets to crash like 2008.There can be only temperory Negative Sentiments for few months.

➡️Rise in Interest Rate seems already Factored in the Matket at current Juncture.And Markets are Ready For 100 To 125 bps Rise.

➡️ Growth would outspace all headwinds in medium to Long Term.GST collection would go up in next few Qtr once E-Way bill is Implemented.

➡️Government has taken many measures to Bring back Growth & GDP. once negative sentiments turns positive & Once Global Markets stabilises we can see gradual Upmove in markets.

➡️Many More unforeseen Events would come in markets But Nifty & Sensex would make New Life High.

▶️Pockets On which we are positive in Long Run

➡️Infra & Consumption Story can give gradually returns and Few pockets in Chemical as a sector can Re Rated.

👉On All fronts its

“TIME TO BUY ON ALL DIPS” For Next 2 to 3 years to Mint Decent money and create wealth.

We are Positive on India Growth Story & Our Target For Nifty is 12500 to 13000 which almost is 30% Upside from current Levels in next 2 to 2.5 years And in this upmove we see Many Stock Specific Multibagger in Mid & small cap Space.

Many midcap can become large Cap in this upmove.


👉All Views Expressed are Personal. before taking any position in markets based on review consult your Financial Advisor beforeInvesting

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