Bear Vs Bulls.

👉As Nifty Spot closed Below 10000 Futher Downside Risk opened till 9800/9710 which we had told that can happen If 10130 Support is Broken.Charts are showing weakness ,But When Bottom would be made or Till where we can correct Is very Difficult to say at these juncture.Trend for bulls would change only When Nifty would close Above 10340.Till that time It would be Sell on Rise Markets.We just need to catch those stock Specific Moves.

👉No one can tell you where’s the Exact Bottom for Nifty or Sensex ,Right Now.Range for Nifty Seems 9710 To 10240 for next few Trading Sessions.

👉In the Next Round of Bounce back Quality business will shoot up quickly & can give immediate Returns of 5-10% in Short term.

👉The Best Idea is to Accmulate Quality Business which are available at Resonable Valuation & Showing Signs Of Stability Even in this Carnage.

👉”By Understanding Fundamentals & Trusting the Fundamental, You can Absorb Market Volatility Without Fear & Panic

  • Daniel Kertcher.

👉Warren Buffet Investing On 3 Principle

QUALITY , VALUE & PATIENCE“Which has created Huge wealth in Long Term .Investor can follow that kind of Approach.

👉Many Quality Stocks are Now Available at Good Valuations compared to December 2017 & Jan 2018 Levels. Time to start Accmulating those Bussiness in SIP.

👉Stocks like Maruti, Eicher Motors,HUL,McDowell Many Small & Midcaps like GM Breweries, Nocil, Himadri Chemicals , Ibull Ventures etc gave Multifold Returns in last few years ,when there was Potential Earnings visibility in markets & Stocks performed.

👉Indian Equities has Faced Many Scams like Harshad Mehta,Ketan Parekh, Dotcom Burst ,Lehman Bubble & Latest Banking Scams and in last 2 years there were many Panic Buying Opportunities like Demonatization,North Korea War Tension , Surgical Strike ,GST.

we @ wealthcreatures Try To Find out Stocks with Earnings Visibility that can stand out even in Volatile Markets.

👉Trader Looks at charts & Investor looks at underlying Value in Bussiness model. Both Gets opportunities to make Money.

👉Let’s Concentrate On Few Ideas & Few business which can standout in Favours Of Investors in Medium to Long Term. Buying & Accmulating On Dips would be best Strategy.

👉Tata Global





👉Deepak Nitrite

👉Delta Corp


👉Himadri Chemicals


👉Yash Papers


👉Vikas Eco

👉Ramky Infra


👉Prakash Inds

👉V2 Retail.


👉Andhra Petro

👉Welspun Enterprise

👉Markets can be under pressure Due to Political Instability & Global Fears & Liquidity Crunch in Short to Medium Term. Buy & Accmulate only If you have Patience & Vision & If you beleive in India Growth Story.


👉All Views Expressed are Personal & for Study Purpose .Consult Your Financial Advisory before Before taking any position.

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