MARKETS FLASHBACK Nifty 11171 To 9951 and Pull Back.

▶️In this edition we are focusing on our old Article of Jan to March Qtr. Here are few Flashback of our Articles Of last 3 months.

▶️Snap Shot On what we Told & How markets Reacted?

▶️TOLD TO BOOK PROFITS WHEN NIFTY WAS TRADING AT SUB 11000 LEVELS.▶️We Said in Of our old article 👇👇👇👇 we see Limited Downside from Sub 10000 Levels and told to Add Quality Stocks & Midcaps When where there was blood bath on the Street.▶️We Said 👆👆Midcap would bounce back the most as soon as “SENTIMENTS IMPROVES & as DUST SETTLES”

👉On 5th April Nifty Jumped almost 197 points and Bank Nifty gained 630 points. And on Friday Nifty spot closed at 10331 almost Flat.

▶️Psu banks also bounced the most as expected as said in one of our Article.

▶️Finally APRIL SERIES STARTED (From our Old Article “Decoding Indian Equities” ) 👇

▶️Keep Booking profits as per Risk or keep Trailing your profits. Locking profits most Important in markets.

▶️No need to panic Till Nifty Trading Above 10200.Profit Booking can be seen at Higher Levels & Nifty would face Multiple Resistance at 10340/10400/440/500.

▶️We still feel there can be Time wise correction & Nifty can be seen in broad range of 9950-10500 for next few session or for a month or two.

▶️It would be difficult for Nifty to cross 10500 in short term, But If we don’t get much Negative news from global cues & Most Important Political Stability as many state election are lined up & Good monsoon forecast can fuel Futher Rally.

▶️This was a super week for our Markets as Bulls were Rulling the Ride and we outperformed the Global markets leaving behind many wall of worries.

▶️Buy Only Growth oriented bussiness with Earning Visibility To Mint Good Money.Be Ready For stock Specific action as Earning season started.

▶️We hope our articles are useful for all Investors.

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👉Disclaimer – All Views expressed are personal and for study purpose only. Do your study before investing or consult your financial Advisor.

10 thoughts on “MARKETS FLASHBACK Nifty 11171 To 9951 and Pull Back.

  1. I initially felt it’s just another group or site, with no proper directions or strategy, but I was wrong.
    I am really happy that I have connected with you. All your articles and recommendations are well researched, calculated and sincere.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Timely advice…
    Sentiments in control as it should be
    Stocks performance always better.
    Also what good is suggestion to
    Book profit for short term / or wait if you are here for a long term.

    I remember personal view from you TEAM member
    For market going towards correction
    Post January , giving buying opportunity

    You guys are doing good.
    Market may be bearish or bullish

    But wealth creatures are always minting money 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Have been following up guys for a while now. I would say good calls all around.. Predictions are great, no boasting at all, just simple and clear analysis. Keep up the good work. Let’s make wealth.

    Liked by 1 person

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