Liquor Stocks High consumption story & Markets View.

👉We are very much bullish on India’s consumption story for next 5 to 10 years.

Few stocks of India’s consumption story which we recommended are Doing very well and would continue to outperform.

Link 👇👇

👉As we had told in one of Of our edition that in worst case scenerio we see 9800/9710 on Nifty and Nifty made a bottom at 9951 and Nifty has already rallied 5% in last few days. Upside is Capped on NIFTY in short term.We See more rally of 100-150 points on Nifty If Global Markets Support ,But it would be Difficult for nifty to cross 10650/10700 in short term. It can cross but before that it would show some retracement and we need to spend some time and consolidate before going to higher levels.We can see some profit Booking at Higher Levels.

👉We see Liquor stocks to keep gaining momentum for next 1 to 3 year. We are bullish on this space and many of our Recommended stocks Like

GM breweries,Associated Alchol,McDowell and Som Distillery

Have already given upto 125% Returns in last 6 months.We@ wealthcreatures feel still Long way to Go for all these stocks.

👉India VIX was down by almost 2.88% on Friday 13th April and was Trading at 14.14. If it cools down more than we can Cross few barriers on Nifty.

👉In last edition we told Bulls no need to worry till the time Nifty Trades Above 10200. On Friday Nifty Made a High Of 10519.90. Nifty Resistance Levels 10520/560/600.

👉We see Nifty Trading between 10200- 10640 in short term. We can see Profit Booking on higher level.There can be fresh Rally only If Nifty manages to close Above 10520 & than 10640 and sustains for few days.

👉oil prices trading at 4 year high. If they move northward then that can keep many stocks under pressure & Markets can’t ignore that for long time.

👉Still we feel Volatility to continue in 2018.Stock selection would be key to make money in current scenerio. The stocks with Earning visibility would outperform markets.

👉All view expressed are personal and for study purpose only. Consult your financial advisor before investing.

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