Where’s The Money to be made/ India Itself Is a Sector/ Picking Right Stocks

Where’s The Money & How will it be created : To find answers and Ideas stay tuned with http://www.wealthcreatures.com

Pick Right Stocks at Right Time

👉Last 70 Years money In next 7-10 Years.

👉It has taken 70 years for India to Reach 2.5 Trillion Dollar Economy, though India will take only 7-8 more years to reach 5 Trillion i.e. the Total amount of Money that was made in Last 70 years would be made again in the next 7-8 Years.

👉The Question is how much will you make? I have absolutely no doubt that the ones who can catch a few right trends in next 7-8 years are going to be very very rich.

👉China took 5 years to double, US took 10 years to double from 2.4 to 5 trillion$, it is estimated that India will take 7-8 years to get there.

👉The Idea is simple, there will be 100’s of entrepreneurs out there who will increase their profit 10-15x from current levels, they will grow at 30-40% and we need to back them.

👉The Biggest Trend is India.

👉Within India there will be Sector Trends that will change every 3-4 years like:

👉Automobiles – India Sold a whooping 2 Crore Two Wheelers India V/S 1.7 Crore Two Wheelers sold by China. Interestingly India Sold 33 Lakh Passenger Cars in FY2018 V/S 2.4 Crore in India. Slowly but Surely in the next 10 years we are confident that India will sell 1 Crore+ Cars and the average ticket size of a car would also Increase rapidly. Out of these 33 Lakh Cars, more than 50% i.e. 18 Lakh Cars were sold by Maruti alone. Maruti has a Market cap of 2.6 Lakh Crores and did Profit of about 8000 Crores in FY2018.

👉Air Conditioners – I hope the Indian summer is not killing you because you are in A/C room right now reading this blog but you will be suprised to know that only 4% of Indian Households own a Air Conditioner, (10% Indian own Air-Cooler) whereas 85% of Indian Household have fans. In China the Penetration of Air conditioners grew from 8% in 1995 to 70% in 2004. Voltas is the Market Leader with 24%

👉Market share in A/C in India and Sold 10 Lakh Air conditioners this year and will do a Profit of 650 Crores in FY2018 and has a 20,000 Crores Market Cap. 10 years from today, I dont know what profits Voltas will make but I am confident that India’s Penetration of Air Conditioners will go up from 4% to at-least 15%.

👉Large Format Retail Stores- There are 3700 Tesco Stores in UK, 4100 Walmart Stores in USA where in India, D-Mart has 155 Stores and Big Bazaar 260. Remember The population of UK is 6 Crores, the Population of USA is 32 Crores and Population of India is 125 Crores.


There are opportunities to make it large. There will be cyclical ups and downs but smart stock pickers would easily make 10x in next 10 years. Don’t Miss this BIGGEST TREND EVER by trading nifty for 100 points, options, Futures etc.

Be Fundamental . Be Smart . Happy Investing.

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