ASM – Additional Surveillance Measures by Sebi

👉Many investor had a question in mind Whats ASM?

👉From 1st June 2018 Sebi has Implimented ASM ( Additional surveillance Measures ) On as many as 37 stocks. ASM is good for investors as Sebi would keep track on stocks price volatility, Price variation,stocks circuit filter as been revised to 5%, Margin Of 100% requires in ASM stocks etc.

👉ASM companies further can be moved to T2T segment after pre determined objective criteria.

👉ASM would be good for investors. There can be short term panic in all those stocks which are identified under ASM by sebi.But good & Quality bussiness with honest & good management would get back to normal once Sebi gives clearance to them.

👉Even A Group stocks like Radico Khaitan, Rain Inds, Bombay Deying & Dilip Buildcon are under ASM

👉List Of Stocks under ASM

1 Amrit Corporation – X Group

2 Apex Frozen Foods -B Group

3 Associated Alcohols & Breweries X

4 Beekay Steel Industries Ltd. X

5 Bhansali Engineering Polymers B

6 Bharat Seats X

7 Bombay Dyeing & Mfg Company A

8 Butterfly Gandhimati Appliances B

9 Dil X

10 Dilip Buildcon A

11 Emami Infrastructure B

12 Excel Industries B

13 Fineotex Chemical B

14 Forbes & Company B

15 Generic Engineering Construction X

16 Goa Carbon B

17 Goldstone Infratech B

18 Graphite India B

19 GVK Power & Infrastructure B

20 HEG B

21 Hil B

22 Himadri Speciality Chemical B

23 India Glycols B

24 Jindal Worldwide B


26 Man Industries (India) B

27 Mirc Electronics B

28 Niyogin Fintech B

29 Optiemus Infracom B

30 Radico Khaitan A

31 Rain Industries A

32 Sanwaria Consumer B

33 Tinplate Company of India B

34 Uniply Decor X

35 Venky’s (India) B

36 Windsor Machines B

37 Yuken India X

Notably, among the 37 scrips placed under ASM framework, 4 companies are from the ‘A’ group of BSE — Radico Khaitan, Rain Industries, Dilip Buildcon and Bombay Dyeing Manufacturing Company.

We Would come out with List of Stocks from ASM that could be added to give good Returns in Short to Medium Term.

Stay Tuned!

3 thoughts on “ASM – Additional Surveillance Measures by Sebi

  1. If higer P/E is crateria than stock India bull venture p/e is 564.why it is not in asm.Actuly what is the crateria for putting share of a company in asm list and when it will be removed.


    1. Higher PE is not a determinant for A stock to get in to ASM.
      Exchanges and SEBI keep a watch on Transactions Of a stock done through brokers.
      Main Reason for a stock to be in ASM List is that Exchanges find that certain brokers form a ring and they themselves buy and sell at high prices to manipulate prices and after some level they sell this stock to public at high .

      For more info visit this post.


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