What to do in Midcap & Smallcap Buy/Sell or Accmulate ?

👉As we told in one of our edition that Midcap Index can correct 5% or more at that time midcap index was trading at 19100 levels , After Hitting Low If -18033 Currently midcap index is trading at 18400 levels , As sentiments are not positive for Midcaps we @ wealthcreatures feel there is still some pain left in Midcaps. Midcap Index has very strong support at 18000 Levels which we think won’t be Violated easily and can expect some bounce. If that Level is broken than there can be more pain and it can correct till 17250/ 16800 Levels also.

👉Currently Index Management is Going on. Nifty has strong support @ 10700-10640.

👉Nifty is Trading in Range 10500-10850.Nifty need To break Range to give Clear Direction To Markets.Nifty Ready To TOUCH 1️⃣1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ + Mark Again Possible in next 2 To 3 months & On Downside a close below 10640 would drag markets to lower end & can Trade in zone of 10400 or lower. Global events & crude prices need to watch closely.

👉The best way to play Mid & Small Cap would Accmulate Quality Stocks in SIP mode whenever there is deep cuts but only if you have patience to hold for next 2 to 3 years.

👉Small cap index currently trading around 7400 levels. small cap index has good support around 6900/7000 levels so its close to bottom. If 6900 levels are violated we can expect 6200/ 6000 kind of Levels.

👉When ever you do discount shopping you would always make good money after 12 to 24 months in Equities. current under performance in midcap & Small Cap can be used to add Quality stocks to create wealth in long term.

👉We feel Midcap & Small Cap can under perform broader markets in for nxt 2 To 4 months. And can even correct 5% more from current levels But only If Support levels are broken.

👉As Earning Season would start from Mid July, Quality Midcaps with Good Fundamentals can Catch Up.But Keep Watch On Valuation also.

👉Quality midcaps with good growth would give you bounce back. And once midcap & Small Cap comes back in action it would be difficult to catch them.We feel This is time wise correction for Midcaps & small caps & It would Test patience.In wroste case scenario we expect mid & smallcaps to under perform broader markets Till 2019 election or atlest Till Jan 2019.

👉Only Patience Can Win midcap & Small Cap current under performance. remember longer the Under performance ,Even bounce would be Longer & Outperformance would be Longer.

👉Stocks that can outperform

Stocks to add on all dips for nxt 36 months.

A.B Capital ( 110-120)

Ajmera Realty ( 180-190)

Deepak Nitrite ( 220-225)

Delta Corp ( 200-220)

Guj Ambuja Exports ( 180-190)

GNFC ( 380-390)

Welspun Enterprise ( 145-150)

Banco Products ( 190-195)

JAMNA Auto ( 72-75)

Jindal Saw ( 72-77)

Datamatic Global ( 88-95)

Maithan Alloy ( 525-550)

Poddar Pigments ( 190-210)

Ramky Infra ( 130-140)

Virinchi Tech (88-94)

Som Distillery ( 210- 224)

Sunflag iron ( 52-57)

Indiabulls Housing ( 1050-1100)

Ibul Real ( 135-145)

QuickHeal (230-240)

Happy Investing

Disc – All Views expresses are for Study purpose only. consult your financial Advisorbefore Investing.

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