ASM Stock List which can Fly High in Short Term

👉Stocks Which are out from ASM ( Additional Surveliance Measures) are Expected to fly high as Fundamentals are intact.

Don’t forget to Read our old Article Which Fundamental Strong ASM Stock To BUY.We were First to give BUY reports on ASM Stocks.

👉HEG – Stock Suggest @ 3185

Link 👇👇👇

Has Already Reached 3794.can Test 4000/4250+

👉Prakash Inds Can be good buy @ 144

Can see levels of 180/200+

👉Himadri Chemicals can be good buy @ 125-128 can Test Levels Of 150-155+

👉Radico @ 360 can give good Returns in short Term.

👉Venkys @ 2250 Limited Downside can Test 2400/2550/2700+ Levels also. Keep s/L – 2190

👉All above stocks are moving out of ASM & can give good Upside of 10% To 25% in short term.

👉Disc- All information provided is for Study purpose only. consult your financial advisor Before Investing.

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