Varroc Engg

👉Varroc Engg

👉Promoters Holding – 85%

Mutual funds Holding – 3.17% (AXIS MF biggest holder)

FPI – 3.26%

Insurance companies – 0.41%

Individual holding upto 2 lakhs – 5.92%

HNIs – 0.55%

Together with Public- 6.53%

👉Stock has Good Fundamentals.

👉Stocks can give Good Returns in nxt 12 To 18 months.

👉Cmp – 1005.

👉Trading 4% above its issue price.

👉Stock can Test 1200/1250/1400/1500+ Levels also in lng term.

👉Keep Trailing Stop Loss in closing basis975.

👉Disc – All Info is for Study Purpose only. consult your financial Advisor before taking any position.

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