Bet on Midcaps or Largecap ?

👉Nifty has bounce backed sharply from lows of 9960 To 11000 Levels. We had previously given Target Of 13000 On Nifty and that can be Seen very soon.

In short term we can Test 11500 On Nifty.

👉Few investor has made money and many have even lost as Portfolio is not balanced between largecap & midcap stocks.

👉From Jan 2018 Midcaps are in urge of Downfall & In this carnage many Quality stocks are also beaten down.

👉Midcaps ready for Bounce back.

👉Currently midcap Cnx Index Trading at 18055 Levels.

👉Midcap Index has corrected from high of 21840 made on 15th Jan 2018 To 17700 Levels Made On 17th July 2018.

👉Midcap Index has corrected almost 20% from highs.

👉Bottom seems to be closeby ,17680/17000 is very strong support & Midcap Index can bounce 5% to 10% from Support Levels.

👉Good quality stocks with Earning visibility can surprise and outperform also in next 12 months.

👉Even Small Cap Index has very strong support levels at 6900/6600.

👉Disc – All Views expressed are for Study purpose only. consult your financial advisor before investing.

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