Speciality Chemical sector can be next Multibagger Pocket.

👉We@ wealthcreatures feel that there can be huge earning upgrade in speciality chemical sector.

👉Few stocks which looks promising as huge expansion & Earning upgrade is visible.

We@ wealthcreatures has come up with few Quality bets which can be Look for Investment for next 24 To 30 months.


Cmp – 34.25

FY19- 20 – Expected EPS – 22.50 To 25

Target – 150


Cmp – 227

FY19-20 Expected EPS – 50-55

Target – 480+

3.> PACL

Cmp – 64.25

FY-19-20 Expected EPS – 36-39

Target – 240


Cmp- 316

FY19-20 Expected EPS – 80-85

Target – 680

All above stocks can give 100% To upto 300% Returns in next 24 To 30 months.

👉Aggressive players can add above stocks at Cmp and on Dips in SIP & Safe players should wait for Stock to correct 10% To 30% As markets are expected to be volatile As in All Above stocks Earning visibility is there, So Downside is capped.But recently stocks had decent Run Up.

👉Disc – All Above stocks are for Educational & Study purpose only.Consult your financial Advisor Before Investing.

3 thoughts on “Speciality Chemical sector can be next Multibagger Pocket.

    1. No . Remember If u get In to this kind of stock you have to keep realistic Returns Expectation which should not be high.All this Companies Profits are not Sustainable for long term.These companies are Commodity Chemical companies.


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