Rupee Depreciation

Companies to benefit from Rupee Depreciation.

Recently Due to weak rupee there was panic in market concerning the Indian economy mainly Imports will be costlier.

Markets are more concerned for Imports then Exports as India is Net Importer.

We have Picked a Pair of Companies whose Products would benefit Relative to Its Imports.

In Short We have discovered Opportunities where India is an Importer of that Product and due to Rupee Depreciation Indian Manufacturers would Benefit Tremendiously.

1)Deepak Nitrite

2)Andhra Petro

While Andhra Petro is the Only manufacturer in India for Oxo Alcohols and India is a Net Importer of Oxo Alcohols.

Oxo Alcohol prices have Firmed up and due to Rupee depreciation Andhra Petro Products would be more cheaper compared to IMPORTS.

Deepak Nitrite Mega Factory for Phenols will have easy Entry as Prices would become more competitive due to Rupee Depreciation.

Importers Would now shift to Domestic Purchases as it would be cost effective and customer Acquisition will be quite easy and faster. Company can all cross Sell other products ot it’s new customer Base.

Also there are reports that international Phenol prices have rose 10-15% .

Deepak Nitrite will help India In saving Half a Billion Dollars at full capacity.

It would be Bless in Disguise for Both Companies.

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