Where Nifty Headed after breaking 200 DMA ?

Every investor & Trader wants to know how Nifty wld perform from here.Everyone wants to know where is the bottom for Nifty.

As we had told Nifty Ready to Break 200 DMA ( Day Moving Average) & Once it breaks those levels the fall can be harder.

Old Note for Reference:👇👇


This time Large caps are cracking.currently Nifty trading @ 10600 levels.

Next levels to watch on Nifty 10440/10170

We feel those levels can be close to Bottom.

Let’s wait & watch.

Our calculations Nifty levels :

10770 – 3% = 10467
10770 – 6% = 10165.

This can be Time wise correction.
And Recovery can be swiftly.

There can be some bounce from current levels.

We had earlier give profit booking call @ 11700 levels.

Now as nifty & Many quality stocks corrected drastically.It time to buy in SIP on all DIPS for investor with 18 to 36 months time frame.

Sooner situation going to change & again investor would chase stocks.

Buy when available cheap.

Currently the Risk Reward Ratio is favourable for investors.

As Q2 Starting….where there is Growth & Low Debt on books & Expansion & product line up.

That stocks wld recover fast.

Midcaps & Smallcap index seems close to bottom.But still we feel following levels can be tested.

But still levels to watch;

Midcaps Index – 15800.

Smallcap index – 5500/5200

#Buy only Quality stocks.No junk.

#Cheap stocks would always remain cheap….Chase Growth & Earning…Lots of opportunity Available#

We would soon come out with a report where Quality stocks available in SALE.

Don’t worry, never panic.Buy On Panic & sell on Rise & Keep locking profits.

The worst decisions we have seen people make, is when they are very worried, or have high anxiety.

It’s always good to make investment decisions with a clear mind, with lots of advice from your personal financial planner or wealth adviser.

Their job is not only to bring you good investment opportunities, but to hold your hand when the market slumps, and to keep you from getting overly excited when things are high.

They’ll help you plan your asset allocation changes and withdrawals based on your level of risk, spending needs, and phase of life.

Disc – All views mentioned are purely for study & Educational purpose.consult your financial Advisor before investing.

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