Short Term Bottom Made.

It seems markets have made short term Bottom around 10138.

Currently Trading around 10472.

We can Test 10550/10660/10770 And After consolidating we can Again March Towards 11000/11500 mark which is very much possible in next 6 to 12 months.

We have tried to review few Quality stocks with Reference Link which are still available at Resonable valuation where Growth is visible & where comfort level is there.

Our Basket of Stocks include following stocks.

👉DEEPAK NITRITE ( Reco@170/200/225)


👉Tanfac inds ( Reco@227)

👉Kanchi karpooram (Reco@316)

👉PACL ( Reco @64)


👉HEG ( Reco @3185)

👉Mangalam organic ( Reco @ 340)

👉Andhra Petro ( Reco @42)

👉Seya Inds (400-460)

👉Vikas Eco (Reco@15)

👉Ramky Infra (Reco@129)

👉Associated Alchol (Reco@300 Aft High now Available at discount 230-235)

👉Freshtrop fruits.( Reco@ 91-96)

👉ITI (Reco@71)

👉TCS (Reco@2880 before X – Aft Bonus @1440)

👉Datamatic Global (Reco @88-95)

👉Poddar Pigments ( Reco@190)

👉Guj.Ambuja Exports ( Reco@180)

👉Sun Flag Iron ( Reco@52)

👉Jindal Saw ( Reco@72)

👉Jamna Auto ( Reco@72)

👉Maithan Alloy ( Reco@525)

👉Delta Corp (Reco @ 205 -210)

👉Yash papers (Reco @40)

👉Apollo Pipes ( Reco @562 Aft High Now available at Discount @ 400-420)

New Addition

Suven Life science ( 235-245)

KSE ( 2100-2260)

Deepak Fertliser ( 170-185)

GNFC ( 290-305)

Bombay Deying (100-112)

We@ wealthcreatures feel all above stocks can give good returns in medium to long term.Investor should review stocks as per there Risk & Should review Macro situation regularly.And should also keep Booking profits as an when Required.

Disc – All views & stocks discussed are for Educational & Study purpose only.

Consult your financial advisor before investing .

7 thoughts on “Short Term Bottom Made.

  1. Hello sir, thanks for ur latest article on deepak nitrite. What are your current thoughts on your earlier reco stock, Sunflag.

    I am holding since 50 levels and able to hold for 5-10 yrs. What can be the target for this company in 10 yrs.

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    1. Sunflag exit around your cost or even around 40 levels.Steel sector not FAVOURABLE for next 2 to 3 years.Dont see huge potential of 5x or 10x kind of things for steel sector.If ur view is to invest for nxt 5 to 10 Years.Huge opportunities in Nbfc Reatail,Fmcg,liquor,chemical,Pharma & auto Ancillary space.We have Reco many good stocks like Deepak Nitrite, G M BREWERIES, IOL chemical, Visaka INDS, kec INTL, GIC, Sterling & Wilson etc.


      1. IOL Chemicals
        I have been tracking this company for a while after I saw it on ur website.

        Dont u think there is a heavy reliance on Ibuprofen & Ethyl Acetate and is the earnings growth sustainable in the future, because BASF is coming up with their mega plant who will compete for market share.

        Promoter holdings are low and not increasing even at such low valuations.

        But on the positive side, The market hasn’t seen the revenues from diversification (new API’s) just yet.

        Also they have reduced debt considerably which tells me that the company is on the right track.


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