1.Managing is overall positive about their growth story. They answered quite lot of questions patiently.

  1. Camphor production is multistage process which takes 7 days to get final product. There are 8 byproducts produced during these process.

3.Main consumption of their product in pooja and domestic usages like replacement naphthalene balls,
Frances etc.

  1. They are importing raw materials from Indonesia, France etc.

  2. They are having hedging strategies with Bank of India and citi bank for foreign exchange differences.
    In the whole 25 years of operation they have not faced any raw material constraint.

  3. The expansion is expected to be increased to 3500TPA from existing levels of 1900TPA on a conservative basis. They are planning expansion keeping global demand in mind like food industry,fragrances, pharma etc. They are considering value addition to their byproducts.

  4. They do not have any bad debts in these years maintaining consistent 30 day accounts receivable period which is commendable

  5. There is no sales department as such but have only invoice department because of their huge customer base. They are able to sell 100% of their product without any stock lying in warehouse.

  6. They are developing marketing department along side aforesaid expansion to be able increase their
    span of market domestically and globally. Currently they very less exports.

  7. There are no pending actions against company from government and clean in compliance with all norms. Contingent liabilities are nil during these years.

  8. Camphor prices have gone in mid of Q1 and they see these prices are sustainable in foreseeable future. They are maintaining raw material stock for one quarter in advance. Q2 numbers shall be above Q1 numbers. They are expecting earnings will be maintained for coming quarters.

  9. Management expecting revenue realisation of ₹250 corres.

  10. Their main competitors are mangalam organic and oriental , which do not have much exposure to their area of client base.


  1. Should I hold Kanchi karpooram or should I wait for Target 475 please reply as earlier as possible.



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