How To Fundamentally Analysis Any Company & Stock

Here are few points which should be consider while Fundamentally Analyzing Any Company

1.History of Sales, Earnings & Cash Flow

2.Durable Competitive Advantage

3.Future Growth Drivers

4.Conservative Debt (Long Rerm Debt < 3yrs Net Profit)

5.Debt Equity Ratio & Current Ratio

6.Return on Equity must be Above Average

7.Low CAPEX required to maintain current operations

8.Promoters holding /Is Promotor buying the stock ( promoter buy back Gives confidence)

9. Price is Under Valued ( Its intrinsic value)

10.Stock Price Movement consolidating/uptrend or Downtrend

11.Stock Price is growing in past years along with EPS growth or Not

12.Additional Future caps Checklist

13.Consolidated PE, PB Ratio

14.Cash Flow should be Positive, Net Profit % should be greater than 8%

15.Paying Dividends, Tax

16.EPS Growth Rate

17.Jump in Trailing Result EPS

18.Jump in Quarterly Result EPS

19.Expected Gain in 5 Years

20.Price Movement Graph, 52 Week High & Low

21.Volume Analysis

22.Power of Brand

23.Corporate Governance & Reputation of Leaders

24.Any Fraud reported ?

25.Annual Report

26.Companies product Relation with Crude Oil prices & Dollar.


The above are few points to consider while selecting any stock.

Disc – All views expressed are personal & For Educational and study purpose only.Consult your Financial Advisor before Investing.

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