Market Trend after correction.where is Nifty headed After 10000

♨️Correction,Pullbacks,Retracements are part of markets.

♨️Market has to go up from oversold zones sooner or later & Similarly markets has to correct from over heated levels to realistic levels.

♨️Booking profits at Higher levels & Sitting on cash to buy when opportunity arise is Dream of every investor.But not all are able To do that.It needs lots of dedication & Patience & Emotions & Mind control.

♨️In between many investor keep doing SIP & stay invested for longer period of time for compounding Returns.

♨️Currenly Nifty trading around 10030 & Sensex around 33350.

♨️If Nifty breaks 9950 than there can be more bloodbath on street & we can see 5% to 8% more correction.we can take a pause around 97850/9700 also.

♨️At present all eyes on levels of 9950 on Nifty & 33000 on Sensex & also on Global cues.If we can survive than we can bounce back till 10300/10550.

♨️We@wealthcreatures are trying to give Stock specific ideas which can be accmulated on dips in SIP to get good returns in medium to long term.

Are you disturbed with current fall in market??

Let’s have a look at last 18 years Data How Sensex has moved in 3 yrs aft correcting.

♨️The above table clearly shows that after a huge correction. sensex returns positively in next 3 years.and If one invests during Tough times the next 3 years returns would be anywhere between 33% To 316%.

♨️So let’s see where we make a Bottom this time & where we go after that by 2021.

Disc – All views expressed are purely for study and educational purpose only.All views are personal.Consult your financial advisor before taking any position based of past data or current data.

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