How money can be made in Equities


👉Once Earthquake came in Gujarat.

At that Time all high rise building Flats Price crashed by 30% To 50% ( Now a Days Coz Of Sentiments Good Quality stocks corrected 40% to 50%)

Though only Few High Rise Buildings were affected from EarthQuack Though scenario did not improve next 6 to 12 months. Price remain at lower level. Later every one had accepted Low price & many people had sold there flat in panic & moved to Low Rise Building & some had sifted there home to bunglows or Tenament.

👉But when I had checked priced after 5/7/10 years.Many high rise building price has gone up by 150%,200% & 300%+

👉That time I learned Lesson if you want to Do Shopping in any Asset class wait for panic of Life. & than bet on that asset like Jaguar. After beating do not look prices for 18/24 /36/48 months.

👉Similarly Equities are Best to Add on panic & Best to sell on rise.

Currently Many good Quality stocks available at more than 50% Discount from Recent highs.And This Discount Season would END Soon in next few months.

👉Many people do Reverse Buy when price rises & Than feels low or panic which prices corrected from Top.Coz after stock Runs up 30%/40%/50% there can be profit booking or correction.Buy only when available cheap.

👉No Need To trade daily & Active daily.

👉Buy Quality stocks & Quality Bussiness only when Available cheap.

👉For such ideas keep visiting

👉Huge Wealth can be created only by investing for Long term. Trading can give you good Money to Invest in Long Term. Both are Equally Important.

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