2018 Diwali Picks for Samvat 2075

People Buy Cloths,Electronics,Jewellery,Furnitures,Cars etc when they get hefty Discount or Big discount during SALE period.

Similarly Investor should understand this Concept of Sale. Same funda is applicable for stocks market & Stocks.
Buy when available cheap & Hold. BUY RIGHT SIT TIGHT.

Generally Retail investors Don’t like Discount shopping on stocks.This Type of Habit is of HNI People.

Those who Like & Understand IT Make BIG MONEY.

Last week there was good opportunity to add Quality stocks when Nifty was at sub 10000 levels. Still Many Good Quality stocks available at Resonable valuation.



TOP Diwali picks for 2018 :

HDFC BANK – Capital Constrain in public sector bank can provide good opportunity to private bank.Good Track Record for Building investors wealth Year on Year. NBFC Crisis would be Huge opportunity for Private Banks as Weak NBFC would sell their portfolio to Banks at attractive Valuations.

DELTA CORP – The only Listed player in casino space.New policies and Indian spending more on Resorts & Casino lifestyle.

DEEPAK NITRITE– Company has started its commercial production of it’s much awaited plant at Dahej. Phenol and Acetone Growth Story. Its Future Large Cap.

MANGALAM ORGANIC – Camphor Growth Story expected FY19 EPS is 55 and could be added for Trading Purpose for short to Medium term.

KANCHI KARPOORAM – Camphor Price Growh story .Good for Short to Medium Term.

KILITCH DRUGS – Company has Huge growth from Africa.Trading Opportunity.Short term and Long Term.

AUROBINDO PHARMA – Aurobindo pharma is one of the leading generic company.Company had strong growth in US despite of high base year.Strong pace of approval.It got almost 49 approvals Till date in 2018.FY18 eps was 41. And company can clock EPS of 44-46 in FY19.

OBEROI REALTY – Oberoi realty has One of the strongest balance sheet is listed Real estate companies.It is focused on Mumbai Realty markets.currently Trading 11 times FY19 earnings.Company to generate healthy cash flow for next few years.

HEG – Benefit of strong Demand of Graphite Electrodes.Good Earning and growth visible.FY19 Expected EPS around 700-750.Stock Trading 5.5 Times FY19 Earnings.

ITI – ITI has made Good Turnaround. ITI is a Trading stock for Short term & Should avoid Large Investment for Long Term. As stock will move up GOI will Dilute it’s stake from 92% to Raise money for Fiscal Expenditure.Equity Dilution is the Key Risk. ITI when in momentum will give good Tradin g Opportunity and can even Give impressive returns.

SUVEN LIFESCIENCES: Suven Life Sciences New Drug Discovery Project for Alzemier Diesase is Progressing well. Phase 2 Study to be completed in Next few months and data to be presented In JULY/AUGUST 2019. If Phase 2 Study is Successful There would be A good time ahead for company and There are high chaces of good time ahead.This stock can be accumulated for Trading and Investing Purpose below 200.

AVENUE SUPER MART ( Dmart) – This Diwali season People are shopping in Tons. There is even waiting period for Trolleys at DMART.This stock could be accumulated for Trading Purpose then Investment at Current High Valuations.

NBCC – Giant Order book gives Earning visibility.Currently it has order book of close to 800 Billion.Good Redevelopment opportunity for company as govt planning to redevelop many old Govt Structures located in prime areas.Main Concerns are Difficulty to execute Such huge Order Book as many Government Orders are Stuck.This Kind of stock will give short term Opportunity to trade.Patiance would be tested for Long term Investors.

ESCORTS – Multiple Revenue Avenues To unfold.Stock trading reasonable as Expected FY19 EPS is 54.

All Above stocks can give 25% To 50% Returns in next 12 months.

Safe players should wait for 10% To 20% Correction in all above stocks as in last 15 to 20 days they are up by 20% To 35% and agressive players should start Accmulating at cmp & on dips in SIP.

Disc – All stocks discussed are for Educational and study purpose only.All views are personal.Consult your financial advisor before investing.

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