Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh ,Telangana , Chhattisgarh , Mizoram State Elections & Markets Behaviour.

♨️There can be four possibility as of Now Before Exit Polls which are to be announced on 8th Dec & Final Results on 11th December.

♨️If BJP Wins by Majority which is 3-0 . Nifty can Turn very Bullish and we can see 11111+

♨️If BJP loose in Rajasthan.so 2-0 ,Than Nifty can be in Range of 10600- 10850.

♨️If they Loose in Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan , So 1-0 We can see Nifty Touching Lower end of Range which can be Around 10300/10200

♨️And Last If BJP Loose in all 3 States.Than Markets Ready to Retest 10000 Kind of Levels Again & this time it can be Triple Bottom & Firm Base Formation.

♨️Historically Mizoram is not a BJP State since it has never won from 1987.

♨️Telangana would also be same and markets won’t expect BJP to come to power in this Two states however If BJP manages a win in any of the above Mizoram State Elections and Telangana State Elections It would be a Possitve surprise for markets which can give a little Cushion & comfort.

♨️Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh state election results would be keenly Watched by the markets as any kind of weak performance in these states market would start Discounting and predicting for 2019 General Elections.

♨️If due to any reasons If BJP looses in Madhya Pradesh which Is home ground similar to Gujarat then Nifty could Test Levels of 10440

♨️Nifty could test Levels of 10440 and if it is broke then further open for downside.

♨️Rajasthan Could also be a Game changer if BJP manages to win Which could be historic and Break of a trend of Bipolar Government(Alternate Government).

♨️Rajasthan Win would Boost confidence in markets as it would break the Bipolar trend of Alternate Government and would firm confidence for Markets and 2019 Elections.

We Have to wait Till Final Results are out.

Markets To be Volatile for next 7 Sessions.

Disc – All views expressed are for study and Educational purpose.All views are personal.Consult your financial advisor before investing.

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