♨️EROS INTERNATIONAL is Expected To Fetch EPS of 27 in FY19.Good to accmulate around 70-78 zone.Stock trading at PE of just 3.It Can Give good returns in next 12 to 18 months.

♨️HINDUJA GLOBAL is Expected To Fetch EPS of 100 in FY19 Stock can soon see 1000+ Mark.

♨️LINCOLN PHARMA is Expected To Fetch EPS of 30 in FY19.At cmp – 220-225 stock has limited Downside.

♨️MEGHMANI ORGANIC is Expected to post Eps of 10 is Fy19 & 12 in Fy20.At cmp of 55 Limited downside and stock can touch 100 in next 12 months.

♨️JINDAL POLY FILM can Fetch EPS of 45 in Fy19.Stock trading 210 -215 stock can Touch 330 in next 12 months.50% Upside.

♨️THIRUMALAI CHEMICAL Trading at oversold zone near 100.Stock can bounce 25% To 30% Soon.Fy19 expected Eps 15.Resonable PE of 10 can take stock to 150 in next 12 to 15 months.

♨️V2 RETAIL IS GEARING UP ITS NEW STORE OPENING IN 2019 & 2020.Stock can touch 450 in next 12 month.from cmp stock can give 60% returns.

S/L – As per Risk 2% To 5%

Disc – All views expressed are for Educational and study purpose only. Consult your financial advisor before investing.

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