Here are few important points Trader should keep in mind while Trading.

By following those principle Accuracy can be achived gradully or over a period of time

♨️Controlling your Emotions & Psychology that drives the market.

♨️RISK MANAGEMENT- Its all about How you manage your Risk, In trading you can be right one out of 10 times and still you can make Good money.

♨️Price Level and Timing of your Entry & Exit.

♨️Discipline Yourself and have a Trading plan which should not be broken

♨️Bull vs Bear – Concentrate on Days Highs,Lows, Support & Resistance. Buying Near days Low or Buying near support would Help & Similarly Exit Near Resistance or Near Highs can also help.

♨️Its not a rule to trade everyday.Wait for perfect opportunity.

♨️STOP LOSS PLACEMENT- Most important thing in trading is never to trade without stop loss and strictly follow it.

♨️TSL – Trading stop loss also helps in short term trading.Keep Trailing your stop loss when stock moves higher so you make bear minimum profits in that trade.


DISC – All views expressed are personal. And only for Educational and study purpose only. Consult your financial advisor before investing

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