Indian Investor vs FII

♨️India, as an Investor, has just learned to invest in Equity and Mutual Fund in last few years.

♨️But Indian Investors are very skeptical of our own country’s Growth and Progress. With slight Negative news or a fall of few percentage , we start worrying about our Investment.We worry even if we have invested in fundamental strong company with Good Promotors.

♨️That is one of the reason, foreigners have made tons of money from our stock market and and lot lot more than Indian Investors. They are very confident of Indias growth prospects.

♨️Let’s look at Multinational Companies Investment in India.

♨️Amazon have spent most out of Rs. 35000 crores earmarked for India, has also announced to spend additional 12000 crores to defy competition. Amazon’s spending in India caused Amazon USA to report losses in USA. Amazon has such a high conviction in India story.

♨️Walmart, seeing Amazon’s growth, trying to buy major stake in Flipkart, that will result in to Investment of close to Rs. 70000- 80000 crores in India story.

♨️Japan’s SoftBank declared in 2014 that it will invest close to Rs. 65000 crores in Indian market by 2024.

♨️In April 2018, SoftBank said it has already invested Rs. 52000 crores in India now and will complete target by 2022 instead of 2024.

♨️Global Hotel chain Marriott has now highest rooms in India. Marriott has now 22000 rooms in India, 2nd highest Taj has 14000 rooms. If you go through plan of another foreign hotel chain The Hilton group, they too want to expand furiously in next couple of years.

♨️HDFC Bank have made huge money for investors in last 15 yrs.But, who has benefited from HDFC Bank’s success story, Indians? Absolutely not. We don’t Trust our companies. Foreigners own 74% of HDFC Bank. They benefited from success of HDFC bank. They are consistently owing 74% for last many years now.

♨️Our entire focus is on one Nirav Modi and one Vijay Malya OR we focus on PC jewellers,Rcom etc and we choose to miss whole India story. While foreigners, too, take note of Nirav Modi and Vijay Malya but they don’t take their eye off big India Story, which will continue to play for many years to come.

♨️Other Few very successful Companies,Paytm and Makemytrip are owned by big foreigners ,Indians have very minor stake in it.

♨️Message is just sit Tight with your Investment in Equity and Mutual Fund. whole world is coming to INDIA to invest. And, they are not foolish. They have studied opportunity very well. They have benefited earlier from other such developing markets hence they know size of the opportunity.

Stay Invested & Beleive in


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