4 To 5 years is Good Time Frame for investing for long term.

🔷️Make a Model portfolio of selected Largecap,Midcaps & Smallcap with good and clean management which can create Wealth in Long run.

🔷️One can add Quality stocks in sip or invest on deeper correction.

🔷️Even 25% Cagr Return can grow your money by 3x in 5 years.But to create such returns one need to invest & correction & Panic are best time to add Quality stocks.

🔷️The following illustrations shows that in last 2 decades equities have given superior returns over all asset class.And If one selects Good model portfolio even 25% Cagr return in not impossible in long run.

To know How to create model portfolio and which all Quality stock to add get in touch with us.

Disc- All views expressed are personal & for study purpose only.Consult your financial advisor before investing .

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