US China Trade War, Brexit, General Elections, India-Pak War Tension

4 High Risk Event for Next 3 Months: High Chances Of Market Crash-An Opportunity


1st MARCH 2019 is the Deadline for increase of tariff from 10% to 25 % for Goods over $200 Bn.

Main Agenda for US is Opening China economy for US without partnering with Local Companies and without transferring Intellectual Property which China forces every company to transfer. US might also ask China to open economy for Tech Giants such as Google or Facebook.

Recently US has Delayed the time line for tariff hike which indicates trade talks are progressing at good pace and will be in favour of US any sign of Unfavourable trade policy will lead to fresh Tension


UK exiting Europe Will have huge impact on Business in UK as new set of law and rules will impact every business. Currently UK enjoys Free Trade policy across the Europe which will be not be there in Future if UK is not able to reach a Deal with rest of the Europe .

General Elections & India Pakistan Tension:

General Elections and India Pakistan war will have a correlation as Proper Answer to Terror attack will drive vote towards Modi or else Vote bank would be divided .

Any War like situation will temproraily Drive Markets down and increase the Volatility.

We advice to Book profits Time to time and Wait for Opportunity to come as there is high chance for Increased Volatility as 4 High Risk events are In front of us.

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