Holding With Conviction Theory.

Why retailer Gets Broken In Stock Market ?

♨️Those who did Not Got Broken They become Legends in Stock market.

♨️They survived & Made money only coz the stocks in which they invested had conviction to Hold with patience.

♨️During Down fall & panic in equities.Even legends has to Go Thru the Pain.

🔷️How Retailers Behave During Downfall & Panic :

♨️Retailer Dont want to Bear the Pain.

♨️They Lack Conviction & Patience.

♨️They want to make Quick Money.

♨️They want to buy at lowest price & want to sell at Higest price

♨️They feel frustrated as they keep watching there portfolio everyday & During downfall there stock keeps correcting.

♨️Giving Time to investments is only solution during downfalls.

♨️They want to recover there losses very quickly by trading in quantity or by trading Daily.Sometimes doing nothing is much better during.

♨️Retailers become more confident after a Run huge Run up in stocks.Thet Dont Buy when Stocks available at cheap & Appeling Valuation.

♨️First Do Research & Than Buy Stock. Generally People first Buys & Than Do Research.


♨️Ace investor Rakesh junjunwala bought 6cr shares of Titan@Rs.3

♨️After few years stock rose to Rs.80

♨️So 18 Cr Investment Grew To 480cr

♨️In 2008 – Markets started correcting.There was no stoppage to the fall in market.Markets had biggest Correction.And even price of Titan corrected till Rs.20.

♨️So 480cr became 120cr in just few months.

♨️The rise was slow & Gradually But fall came in Just few months.So at that time ace investor Mr.Junjunwala was in Notional loss of 350cr.

♨️He had two Option either to Wait patiently OR To book whatever profits available on Table.

♨️He was still in profits ,He never booked profits & continued To hold stock with conviction & Believed in Management & Companies Growth story.

♨️But in 10 years i.e – In 2018 – 120cr Turned into 7000cr stake AND Still Titan Making New Life High even in 2019

♨️If Retailer investor had bought Titan in 2004-2005@3 Would he had even waited Till 80 levels & If waited till 80 & When 2008 fall came ,He would had booked whatever profits available on table.

♨️Only few Retail investor thinks long term with conviction where money multiplies 50 to 100 times or even higher.

♨️If retail investor bought any stock@100.He had planned to keep stock for 10years.As soon as stock starts correcting due to sentiments.

➡️At – 90 his conviction Starts shaking.

➡️At – 80 He feels frustrated.

➡️At – 60 He feels markets are not his cup on tea.Still he holds.

➡️At 50 – He books Loss & Stock dips till 40 he feels thank God he exited at 50.

➡️Now stock makes bottom around 36- 38 Zone and than moves to 500 in 5- 6 years.

🔷️Points To keep in Mind

♨️If Management is Good & Company is On right track nothing would happen in Long term.

♨️Investors with strong study & Conviction wins in markets over a period of TIME.

Disc – All Views Expresses are personal and for Educational & study purpose only. HWC THEORY is created by wealthcreatures team only,one should do deep Study on Sector & Individual stock before investing.Consult your financial advisor before taking any position based on above Theory.


  1. Well written. But most average investors don’t do enough market research to develop the conviction to hold. As a result, they sell in fear. Mr.Jhunjhunwala had the conviction in Titan and he is reaping the rewards today.

    Personally, I am going to Hold Deepak Nitrite (HWC) for 10+ years. Hope its the right thing to do.

    I like their diversified business model and reasonably confident that they will keep adding more products to their portfolio to keep that growth going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes you can Hold For longterm with conviction.Good promotors.Good products.Chemical boom.Leader in phenol & Acetone.Superior ROCE & ROE.Huge expansion of Greenfield project in future.One of my fav pick from 2016 when was @100.


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