🔷️Indian Equities had a sharp rise recently.Nifty P/E has expanded.Are we heading for a correction? Should Investor Book Profits?

🔷️It seems very unlikely that markets would give Opportunity to investors who are waiting on sidelines for lower levels which Nifty recorded last year somewhere close to 10000 on Nifty.Correction,Retracement are coming as they are part of Cycle, But 10000 Levels on Nifty can be History.

🔷️The recent rise in Indian Equities was coz of flows of FII and also coz of local flows.Currently Markets are trading close to upper band of range and valuation wise also its close to upper range of last 20 years historical Moving average.

🔷️India can be in Multi year Bull Market supported by Local flows and Fii flows and also Fundamentals Turning positive for India.Once election fever Gets closer and outcome becomes more stronger for Modi version 2.0 ,Which can Help Indices to trade Higher.

In Short Election cant pause Earnings upgrades.Domestic Cyclical industries looking good.

Risk – Only risk is oil & Global Growth.

🔷️Markets are turning out to be Buy on Dips.Currently Nifty is in overbought zone.But Momentum to continue for next few weeks.Many Midcaps stocks available are good Valuation which can report strong earning Growth.Midcaps has given Growth of 18% CAGR in last 10 years.

In current situation Sticking To Quality names & Doing systematic investment would be One of the Winning strategy to create wealth in long term.

🔷️Markets wont give broad based Sharp rally like 2016 & 2017 in Short Run.But Definitely Markets moving Higher in next few years with Small pause,Correction and Consolidation phases as all this are part of Markets.

🔷️Every Bull Run has new Leaders.This Bull Run too would also have new sectors and New stocks.Few of them we have already uploaded on blog.

🔷️One Should Concentrate outside Nifty stocks where there is Huge growth & Stocks are trading at good valuation.

Sectors To Watch – Banks,Select NBFC & REALTY STOCKS,Speciality Chemicals,Tourism & Hotel Industry,Retail & select Auto & Auto Ancillary looking attractive for next 3 to 5 yrs Investment

🔷️Those who have missed the Bus,Should wait for a Dip & Should not get tempted by current UPMOVE Or One Should buy only Quality conviction picks in SIP Only.





Disc – All Views Expresserd are personal and purely for Educational & Study purpose only.Consult your financial advisor before investing.

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