When Does Smart Money Buy And Sell ? Can We Follow Them?

🔷️It is well known in stock market that Small Investors Trying To Speculative move Loose indefinitely.

🔷️Speculation term known to Small and Medium Investors is like a Money making Machine But on the Same hand For Smart Investors it is a Hedging Tool to prevent Capital or Prevent Capital Gains or Limit the loss in volatility.

🔷️Smart Investors Psychology for Returns is Like Return of Capital is First Priority.

🔷️For Small Or Retail Investors Return on Capital is their priority. They Focus less on Protection of Capital.

🔷️The above One criteria Desides how long They are going to be there in Financial Markets.

🔷️Remember Surviving in Financial Markets is more important then Making Money in Financial Markets.

🔷️The Whole markets are designed for Small Investors to Loose money and Smart & HNI people who have smart thinking to Gain Money.

🔷️Most people in market correction loose Faith In markets whereas few People Enjoy The correction because they are in Right Direction.

🔷️These Smart Investors are Ready to Sacrifice few Gains for Long Gain.

🔷️They are Ready to say No to Good to Achieve Best in markets.

🔷️In the Above Picture there are four dots in yellow at Top , this is where Smart money makes exit.

🚩In Fact Smart money Exits Market at Enthusiasm,Exuberance,Euphoria before Market makes New high.

🚩Retail Investors or Traders Buy all the above and Smart money sell all the above

🚩They exit early because they know they will not be able to capture top .

🚩They don’t wait for Top to be formed, neither they wait for 100 Bottom.

🔷️Where as Small Investor always wants to Catch Top and Bottom and unfortunately he is not able to do so.

🚩Smart money Don’t fear in Buying the Fear Panic,Capitulation,Discouragement ,Dismay Etc.

🔷️Small Investors Sell all the above and Smart Money Buys all the Above.

🔷️We have developed a system where one can predict the possible Reversal in Downtrend at early stage where smart money enters.

Disc – All Views expressed are Personal and purely For Educational & Study purpose only.Consult Your Financial advisor before investing based of above article.

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