Sensex & Nifty At at time HIGH…Time to be Cautious Bull

🔷️Sensex at All Time High@39056.

🔷️Nifty at All Time High@11761.

🔷️Current Rally in Sensex & Nifty is Driven By Liquidity & Also improved sentiments due to favourable results from coming Election.

🔷️Current momentum to continue & markets can trend to Move Higher in short term.

🔷️One should also note Not to get driven by current upmove.Nifty can touch 11800-12300 only If Nifty sustains above 11750 for few session & Sensex 40500 in short run.But anything beyond that seems stretched in short to medium term.Matkets cant Trend & move upside in one direction. Markets needs consolidation & Correction phases before next Leg of Rally starts.

🔷️Though sensex & Nifty is at all time High. Many Quality Midcaps & Smallcaps still trading way below its 52wk Highs.

We@wealthcreatures feel the real action would be outside Nifty & Expect Midcap index & Smallcap index to hit new 52wk High only in next 12 to 24 months.

🔷️One should be very cautious now in fresh buying for investment & one Should keep booking profits in trading bets & Stay invested in high conviction picks where valuation are resonable & growth in earning is visible.

🔷️India VXI is trading at 18.76.Which needs to cool off by 10% to 20% to get momentum to Continue.

🔷️Midcaps & Smallcaps should outperform markets in next leg of sustained Rally which can be only in 2020 & 2021.

Disc – All views expressed are personal & purely for Educational & Study purpose only. Consult your financial advisor before investing based on above article.

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