Indian Markets After 2019 Elections

Markets gave a good run up after a Good Performance of NDA (BJP).

Elections outcome is clearly a win for BJP . India VXI has stabilised and Declined towards 20 .

Now Main Question is what is Ahead After Elections?

Where would market go?

From where market will take clues?

Markets will now Closely watch the following:

🚩BJP 100 Days Programme and New Budget .

🚩Crude Oil Movement

🚩US China Trade war

🚩US Iran Trade war.

🔷️As we have reached all time high And Indian markets are the worlds most expensive markets we can see certain Degree of Cooling.

🔷️For Next few days we can see huge money to come to markets which was on sidelines which could support markets or drive markets a bit higher,

🔷️FDI Inflows will increase as more then 250 American Companies were waiting for Election Results and favourable Outcome to invest in India to derisk themselves from US China Trade war .

🔷️BJP win is huge positive for the country & Markets. This win is historic as BJP has got more than 45 percentage vote share and won against 22 opposition leader who Fought against BJP.

🔷️This Win is very Good for Economy also As soon BJP will have a full majority in both lok sabha and Rajya sabha. All the pending reform should be cleared easily.Now with respect to stock market Midcap and smallcap got a New lifeline and can start performing Slowly & Steadily in next few months.

🔷️As we@wealthcreatures had expected Nifty to Touch 12000 to 12300 close To election Results.On 23rd May Nifty Hit a New High of 12041 & Sensex also Recorded New High of 40125.Anything Beyond 12300 looks expensive for markets in short term & markets can take a pause & small dips to give Upmove in July.

🔷️Midcaps should be in flavors for next 2 years.2019 can be Accmulation year for Midcaps & smallcaps & 2020 & 2021 can be year of Midcap & Small caps.

Disc – All views expressed are personal and only for study & Educational purpose only.Consult your financial advisor before investing or taking any position based on above article.

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