Why Most People Lose Money In Stock Market??How To Make Money in stock Market.

Why people are Losing money in Stock Markets:

Few Top Reason 👇👇


Few Tips How Make Money in stock Market in Medium To Long Term :

🔷️Take calculated Risk – But invest in fundamental strong companies only.

🔷️Cut Loss Making Trades Early

🔷️Hold Winning Trades for Longer Timeframe

🔷️Differentiate Between Trading & Investment stock.Keep Stop loss for both the bets.Do proper Risk Management as & when required.

🔷️Keep your EGO aside & Accept your Failure if you feel.After all we are humans.Never Say Its my own money.I would wait till my rate comes etc

🔷️Never Go Against TREND of markets of Particular Stock.Taking contra calls are usefull but Not Always

🔷️Avoid Leverage position.Never invest on Borrowed Money.

🔷️In stock market every Day is a new Learning experience.

🔷️If Trade goes wrong cut losses immediately or Reshuffle stock or portfolio as an when required.

🔷️Dont allow your profit Trade to convert into Loss Trade.Keep trailing stop loss.

🔷️Dont be Greedy & Keep locking profits as and when Required.Even 1% profit is Enough in Trading bets & even 1000% Returns looks small in long term investment bets.

🔷️Dont Invest when valuation of stock or Nifty P/E is very High. Sometimes seating ideal also is better.

🔷️When Matkets are on high & Individuals stock is also on high Book some profits & Sit of Cash & Wait for markets to correct. You would get OPPORTUNITY To add at lower levels sooner or Later

🔷️Dont Panic.control your emotions.

🔷️You yourself have to take few Decsions as no One is going to Come to Feed You With Spoon

🔷️Buy when stocks is available cheap & at low valuation.Buy Right & Sit Tight.

🔷️ Panic is Good Time To add Quality stocks for Long Term.

🔷️Dont Chase stocks or Markets.Wait for opportunity.

🔷️Do Research before investing & After investing believe in your selected stocks.Give Time To your Investment to Grow.


🔷️At Some point Fully book profits and sit on cash for better opportunity . Let markets or stock correct by 25%/40%/50%/60% – Like current scenerio.

🔷️Dont Get in Love with Any Stock emotionally

🔷️You can’t Buy at BOTTOM Nor You Can’t Sell at TOP.

🔷️When markets are volatile & in downtrend During those time Add Stocks In SIP only for investment.

Disc – All Views expressed are Personal & For Educational & Study purpose only.consult your financial advisor before taking any position based on above article.

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